Why Do Employees Quit?

It is very costly to be always recruiting, interviewing, and training candidates, which is why employee retention is very important. But it is also because companies desire their employees to be happy in their jobs. And it is important that employees work for your company for a long period of time because then he/she will understand the company's culture and policies. They also offer experience, provide stability, and set the bar for extraordinary productivity. Since employee retention is very important to every company, it becomes important also to find out why there are still many who resign from their jobs.

There are times when people do not feel appreciated for the over half of their waking hours at work and the efforts they dedicate to their jobs. They feel underpaid, and that the quality work that they do has little value, their productivity is not noticed, and there is no regard for their overtime. It is important for companies to frequently recognize their employees so that they will feel that their work is valued. Regular positive feedback gives them a boost in their self-confidence which can increase their productivity. If they are given timely recognition, it gives inspiration for behaving consistently and being specific in your recognitions is very much useful to the employee. When an employee is recognized, he feels appreciated and respected and their self-esteem at work is boosted. For more facts and info regarding employee retention, you can go to http://www.ehow.com/info_7768301_employee-retention-benefits.html.

People's job outlook can also be affected by the relationships they develop with their managers and peers. When you become an employee of a company, you are forced into a relationship with your co-employees, and you must learn to communicate and work with different types of personalities. If the manager is good, he provides a way for professional growth and development and empowers them to succeed. However, many managers fall into the mistake of micromanaging, ignoring potential, and discounting individuals who are valuable. Sometimes our co-workers add to the stress making an unpleasant work environment. When there are negative and judgmental attitudes toward each other, professional and social support will be absent, and this can ruin the possibility of strong working relationships. Employee retention rates can suffer because of this. Know more about employee engagement software.

When employees do not feel challenged with their job they become less enthusiastic about it. Their productivity may decrease and their desire to stay in that company decreases as well. When an employee is challenged he feels that he is adding value to the company and thus becomes excited with his job. This enthusiasm spreads to his co-workers and to the entire company.

The office environment can also affect an employee's happiness in the workplace. Since they spend a great amount of their day in the office, the environment should at least be a comfortable one. Employee retention programs can drop if the lights, workspaces, and surroundings are unpleasant.

To be able to help reward and recognize brilliant employee performance, companies should use award-winning employee retention software to customize their brand and culture.